Subscription Rates

The subscribers to the Official Gazette are kindly reminded that their present subscription term ends on the 31st March, 2013, being the end of financial year.

In case they wish to continue to be subscribers for the ensuring financial year of 2013-2014 they have to renew their subscriptions from 1st April, 2013.

Subscriptions also can be opened for half year i.e. from 1st April, 1st July or 1st October or for any quarter, beginning on 1st April, 1st July, 1st October or 1st January.

Renewal of subscription from 1st April should be affected on or before 31st March, 2013 in order to avoid interruption in the despatch of copies of the Gazette. It should be noted that, in case the subscription is not opened/renewed before the commencement of the period to which it refers, the subscribers will be entitled to receive copies of the Gazette only from the date the subscription is actually opened/renewed.

Official Gazette is now available  through e-mail for an annual subscription Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred  only) w.e.f. 1st  April, 2011.

The subscription charges are accepted either in cash, postal order or demand draft drawn only, on State Bank of India, Panaji, in favour of the Director, Printing and Stationery, Panaji-Goa. Remittances by cheques or any other form of payment will not be accepted.

The payment of subscription will also be accepted at the Margao Branch of this Office situated in the Comunidade Building at Margao.

( Within the Union of India)

 All 3 Series Series I Series II Series III
Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P.
For any quarter 900/- 460/- 350/- 175/-
(Postage) 60/- 15/- 15/- 15/-
For half year 1750/- 920/- 700/- 350/-
(Postage) 60/- 30/- 30/- 30/-
For any peroid exceeding
6 months upto one year..
3450- 1840/- 1400/- 700/-
(Postage) 110/- 60/- 60/- 60/-