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Government of Goa


Acts as on today's date
Total Acts:163

Sr No.Act NameDownload
21 City of Panaji Corporation Act Download
22 Civil Courts Act Download
23 Co-operative Societies Act and Rules Download
24 Coaching Classes Download
25 Code of Civil Procedure and Arbitration Act Download
26 Code of Comunidades Download
27 Code of Criminal Procedure Goa Daman and Diu Act Download
28 Codigo do Regisra Civil Download
29 Command Area Development Acts and Rules Download
30 Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Act Download
31 Communidade Employees Act Download
32 Compulsory Elementary Education Act 1995 Download
33 Contingency fund Act Download
34 Daman Abolition of Proprietorship of Villages Regulation Download
35 Debt Relief Act Download
36 Devasthan Regulation Download
37 Diseases of Animals Act Download
38 Dramatic Performances Act Download
39 Education Development Corporation Act Download
40 Electricity Duty Act Download