The Government Printing Press, formerly “Imprensa Nacional”, is the oldest Institution of the Government dating back to 19th Century. Until 1980, the Press was using the printing technology acquired during pre-liberation times. However, since then, the process of phasing out the old and outdated machinery and its replacement by Offset Printing and Computer System has taken place, enabling the Press to cope up with the manifold increase in the workload that is associated with the increased tempo in developmental activities. During the Ninth Five Year Plan 1997 – 2002, the process of implementation of the Scheme of “Modernisation, Expansion and Replacement Programme” is under execution in a phased manner. And the same continues in 10th Five Year Plan also.

HISTORY OF PRESS TECHNOLOGY IN GOA: The first Printing Press was established in Goa in September, 1556 by Jesuit Missionaries and it functioned in the colegio de Sao Paulo at Old Goa. Thereafter, due to its inactivity, the same was shifted to the Major Seminary at Rachol, Salcete, in 1616 and it functioned there upto 1660.

FIRST GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION: The Government Printing Press, formerly “ImprensaNacional de Goa”, is the oldest Institution of the Government catering to all the printing needs of the Government and as the Official Organ of the Government publishing all the Official happenings and acts of the Government. The establishment of the Government Press dated back to the year 1821.

THE GOVERNMENT PRINTING PRESS (IMPRENSA NACIONAL): The present Government Printing Press (ImprensaNacional) functioned from the present building situated on Afonso de Albuquerque Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road), Panaji-Goa from the year 1900. Its main activity was the publication of the Government Bulletin, the “Boletim Official”, besides other Government Printing jobs and other Government informative material.

After Liberation, the Press was converted into a full-fledged Government Department headed by the Manager, Now Director, Government Printing Press, catering to, besides the printing activities, also the supply of stationery to various Government Departments and having also a Publications Depot bringing out various publications of Government.

HISTORY OF OFFICIAL GAZETTES: First Official Publication of the Government was published on 22.12.1821, named “Gazeta de Goa”. The same was published till 1826 and after a gap of few years it was re-started on 13.6.1835 under the name “Cronica Constitutional de Goa”. This Bulletin was published till the year 1837. In the same year, the nomenclature of this Bulletin was changed to “Boletim do Governo do Estado da India” which was a weekly publication till 1856 and bi-weekly thereafter.

This “Boletim Official” was published in Portuguese till the Liberation of Goa in December, 1961. Thereafter, it continued to be published alongwith English translation, titled as “Boletim Official – Government Gazette”, till March, 1962. This title was finally changed to “Official Gazette” in June, 1970. From that year also, the Portuguese translation was discontinued.

Who’s who?

Shri Y. V. V. J. Rajasekhar, IAS
Secretary to Government
(Printing & Stationery) Secretariat,
Alto – Porvorim, Bardez-Goa.

Shri Rajendra D. Mirajkar
Director (Printing & Stationery)
Government Printing Press.
Off. Tel 0832-2426491 Fax: 0832-2436837
Email: dir-gpps.goa@nic.in

Smt. Asha Harmalkar
Deputy Director (Administration)
Off. Tel. 0832-2426441
Fax: 0832-2436837

Shri Andre T.A. Pereira
Deputy Director (Technical)
Off. Tel. 0832-2426441
Fax: 0832-2436837

Shri Shankar B. Sawant
A.A.O/Public Information Officer
Off. Tel. 0832-2426441
Fax: 0832-2436837